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  • Intellectual Property Management Services

      1. 1. Identify the protectable of your organization's intellectual performance (Reed). Selection of technical solutions from the identified Reed for patent protection and protection in the mode of commercial secrecy (know-how).
      1. 2. Improvement and development of existing inventions.
      1. 3. Patent research of science and technology markets to articulate the needs of the organization in new technical solutions. (Preparation of analysis of patent activity of competing companies in Russia and abroad).
      1. 4. Identification by means of patent researches of priority directions of development of scientific and technical activity for marketing strategy of the organization.
      1. 5. Participation in the preparation of R & D plans and programmes (including goskontraktnye topics) in terms of the legal protection of Reed.
      1. 6. Conducting an inventory of reed rights and their evaluation; Accounting and control of the use of Intellectual property (IP) objects in the organization.
      1. 7. Analysis of the legislative and normative environment on the intellectual property of the enterprise. Improvement of internal normative-methodical and procedural documents of the Organization on issues of formation, legal protection and use of IP objects; Allocation of rights to such objects; Avtoram compensation issues.
      1. 8. Assistance in organization and maintenance of accounting and control of execution of agreements on alienation of rights, license agreements, author's contracts and other agreements concerning IP objects.
      1. 9. Educate your organization's employees on the basics of intellectual property protection, in particular, patent research, patenting techniques, IP accounting, the basics of international patenting (PCT), the basics of Sphere of intellectual property.
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