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    Patent attorneys from our patent office "Intlid" will be happy to provide you with a full range of patent and legal services for trademark registration. The trademark examination process consists of two stages: formal examination and examination of the declared trademark mark.

    Step 1. Formal expertise

    During the formal examination the contents of the application for registration of a trademark and its compliance with the established requirements of registration of the application for registration of a trademark, in case of non-compliance with these requirements application for registration The trademark is not accepted for consideration, therefore when applying for registration of a trademark it is necessary to observe all formal procedures of its registration and to pay special attention to the list of goods on classification of ICGS and and description of declared Trademark symbols.

    Step 2. Examination of the declared designation

    If the application for registration of a trademark is accepted for consideration, the examination of the declared trademark mark is carried out, during which the conformity of the declared designation with the requirements of the legislation is checked.   In order to avoid the refusal to register a trademark, we advise that before you apply for trademark registration, search the databases of the already registered trademark and submitted applications for trademark registration. In the course of the inspection reveal identical or similar to the degree of mixing of the declared trademarks and analyze the possibility of filing a trademark, so as not to have problems in the examination.


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