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    In order to register trademarks abroad, we use a well-recognized Madrid system, with which it is convenient and economical to manage them all over the world.  The filing of one application for a trademark and payment of one set of fees allows for protection in 115 countries, and the existence of a unified system allows to make changes in trademarks, prolong their validity and expand their geography. The trademark examination process includes two stages: preliminary examination and examination of the declared trademark mark. In addition to the cost of our services, it is necessary to pay the international trademark registration fee, which includes the base fee (653 CHF). (Franc *), as well as additional costs, which in particular depend on the character of the registered mark, the number of classes of goods and services to be covered by registration. For example, in the case of registration of a trademark in the European Union (if the registration covers one class of goods) the estimated cost will be at least 1612 Swiss francs. Francs.


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