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    We will conduct a set of procedures established by the Russian legislation for registration of software programs and databases (for example, drawing up an application for a computer program, filing an application in Rospatent, obtaining a Certificate of State sample for the program For the computer), as well as to make and register contracts related to the disposition of exclusive rights to computer programs and databases. The integrated circuit topology is a spatially-geometric location of the totality of the elements of the integral chip and the connections between them on the material carrier. An integrated circuit is a microelectronic product of a final or intermediate form designed to carry out the function of an electronic circuit, elements and connections of which are inseparablely formed in volume and (or) on the surface of the material, on the basis which the product is manufactured. Federal authority for the enforcement of industrial property, official registration of computer programs, databases and topologies of integrated circuits is the Federal Office for Intellectual property, patents and trademarks. Cost of service: view Rates  

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