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    We perform a full range of works on patenting of scientific and technical solutions-from the stage of detection of patentable technical solution, with subsequent registration of an application for inventions or utility model (as well as industrial design) with Subsequent state registration.

    Patent research.

    Currently, R & D performers (in particular for the State customer) need to conduct patent research in accordance with GOST R. 15,011-96 and Gost 15.012-84 SRPP. (Patent form).  Patent research is one of the components of scientific research (NIR) and development work (R & D) they are performed according to GOST R 15.011-96 and include, in particular, the description of the object of patent research, justification of the purpose Patent research. Patent researches are researches of technical level and tendencies of development of objects of economic activity, their patentability and patent purity, competitiveness (efficiency of use on purpose) on the basis of patent and Other information.

    Objectives of our patent Issledovanijissledovanie technical level of objects of economic activity, revealing tendencies, substantiation of forecast of their development; Research of the market conditions of the given production, the established patent situation; Patent research of the directions of research and production activities of organizations and firms, which operate or can operate in the market of the studied products; Identification of trademarks (trademarks) of competition firms patent substantiation of proposals on expediency of development of new industrial Property objects, ensuring achievement of technical indicators specified in technical Job; Revealing the results of intellectual activity (reed)-Technical, art-design, software and other solutions, created in the process of NIR and OCD to classify them to eligible objects of intellectual property, substantiation of expediency of legal protection of intellectual Property objects (including industrial) in the country and abroad, selection of patenting countries; Registration; Research of patent purity of objects of technics (examination of objects of Technics on patent purity), substantiation of measures on maintenance of their patent purity and unimpeded production and realization of objects of technics in the country and abroad; Identification and selection of license objects;

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