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    1. Siberian Federal University (SFU)

    2. Federal State educational institution of higher vocational Education "Russian State University of Immanuel Kant

    3. OOO Deco-Geophysics, MSU Science Park

    4. Limited liability Company "Optical measuring Systems", MSU Science Park

    5. Group of companies GMP-Russian

    6. Tethys Group Companies

    7. Wood-Mizer

    8. JSC "Autoaggregate" (g. Libnah)

    9. Company "Vaktorg"

    10. "Vibroburmash" and "Vibroburtehnika" companies

    11. Gu Museum of retro-cars

    12. Company of Medical Equipment LLC "MP Electra"

    13. OAO MTZ Transmash

    14. Company "Netris"

    15. Ooo"kliniko-Diagnostic Society"


    16. Company Fiera (IP Karnaukhov A.L.)

    17. Limited liability company "Laboratory of Geology and modelling of sedimentary basins" (SBMG),

    18. AI-AHD System Limited Liability Company

    19. "NGO" Jekohimpribor "Limited liability Company

    20. Tver-Jeweller, limited liability company

    21. "Blackstone" Limited liability Company

    22. "Profitjeks" Limited liability Company

    23. JSC "Kurskrezinotehnika"

    24. SA Marit Limited Liability Company

    25. JSC "Maksimatelekom"

    26. "MDIs" limited liability company.

    27. "Medtehprokor" Limited liability Company

    28. "Technopark" Limited liability Company

    29. Marine Tests JSC

    30. "Alinter" Limited liability Company

    31. "Neva-transit" closed joint-stock company,

    32. Closed joint-stock company "Ljekis",

    33. Closed joint-stock company of NGO "World of Technologies"

    34. Closed joint-stock company scientific and production company "Dolomant

    35. Closed joint-stock company scientific and production Center "optics"

    Reorganized in Zao "Elite"

    36. "Info-Tape" Limited Liability Company

    37. "Rivelti Group" limited Liability Company

    38. "Pluto" JSC

    39. "Regionkom" Limited liability Company

    40. "Rivelti Group" limited Liability Company

    41. Closed joint-stock company "AV"

    42. Joint-stock company "management Company" SMR "

    43. Limited liability Company "fibre-optic security Systems"

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