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  • The European Patent Office (EPO) has published a list of European Inventor Award 2017 finalists. Among the developments in the finals are preparations for the treatment of lupus, cancer, audio compression technology, plastic bottles on a plant basis, a compressor that can revolutionize the market of compressed air compressors.

    Convenient storage, transmission and sound reproduction was developed by Swedish engineer Lars Lilerid — he developed a very popular digital audio compression codec in the world. SBR is a method of compressing digital audio files, thanks to which millions of people around the world can sound good. This technology is convenient and cheap.

    A new drug invented by French immunologist Silvianom Mueller, which is the first drug that will stop the progression of the disease.

    Thanks to the invention of the Dutch chemist named Gert-Yang Grauter, the negative effect of the use of plastic bottles for the environment can be significantly reduced.  He invented a new polyester material for bottles.

    Steve Lindsay invented a compressor that can revolutionize the market for compressed air compressors. Its development is more environmentally friendly than analogues and provides energy savings of about 20%.

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